Our creative team is made up of dedicated UX researchers, designers & technologists who work with you to create outstanding experiences that resonate with people enabling you to achieve your goals.

We Build Digital Products


The key to building a successful product is comprehensive research and discovery.

We build an understanding of your customers requirements through a blend of observation and in depth interview techniques and tools. We interact with real people who will using your business product or service.

This enables us to craft a frictionless experience that caters to their needs, solves their problems and delivers real value that keeps them coming back.


Successful products do one thing exceptionally. Using our research findings we are able to identify major problems and develop achievable solutions.

Using these insights we then create functional prototypes and test these with real users. This ensures that you are getting product that works and solves your customers problems effectively.

At the completion of this stage we present to you a working prototype and research insights that validate design decisions.


Once your product is ready to develop we have already established its need, validated its use and tested it with real users.

This first stage is created according to the concept of a Minimal Viable Product. A MVP is the smallest useable product that solves your users problems and returns value to your company.

We then collect feedback and data in order to identify areas of focus and improvement. This iterative approach to product design allows you to capitalise on what your customer needs and grow faster.

Our Team

Philip Buultjens
Co Founder | UX/UI Designer

Having initially studied banking and finance, I decided to pursue my passion of understanding how technology interacts with the world around us. Most notably, how technology has driven change for organisations and people; which has conclusively altered our behaviour and the ways we interact with one another.

Talor Hareb
Principal Developer

Being a software engineer, I naturally love solving problems. Living in an ever growing digital world I wanted to help build and develop products that add value and meaning to people's lives. In order to reach this goal, my years of experience in small and large organisations have taught me that collaboration and open mindedness between teams have been key to creating outstanding products.

Rigel Maple
Co Founder | UX/UI Designer

As a Human Centered Designer I have made it my mission to create experiences that help people build better futures.

I draw upon my years of experience within creative industries, technology startups and design agencies to help you identify opportunities, discover solutions, and develop your ideas into outstanding experiences.

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